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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 16, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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that and we are watching this closely right now. >> if you have been outside, you are seeing flashing of lightning on the horizon with it in the upper levels of the atmosphere. the perspective , you can see it in some of the more rural areas and roads. if you are just waking up with the weather alert, we have the
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parent no wind is better and it will work its way to the coast. it is dark and early and there is a potential to see the wind and it will stay north towards the northern communities. do we have the update? >> we are getting it. >> it looks like the fast track.
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where they are heading with him what we are keeping an eye on in central florida with a storm tracker tornado warning in the area and you can notice the box and the warning issued and the storm has already made it. this is the twisting and the location to the south and it will head here within a half an hour and we will stay on
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you may have been awakened by a radio or some of the locations where where we have it raining or storming and this is where the potential is heading. the radar indicates rotations and moving into bell would run for: 30 and what you need to do if you are in the path of the
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so many of us do not have basements and there is a small location with the white color and the red color and there is a rotation and area to the northeast with the system and to bellevue. this gives us the indication of what is happening and it looks like there is a possibility and the rest of central florida is dealing with rain. you are done with this
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you have a little it of rain and then you are done. it is the southern area we are convinced about. this is where it is right now and the wind is twisting or blowing straight. they can still do damage. and south of the beach line, if you are driving want you will be ok, unless you are heading over
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if you are, and on and we will not the' s concerned. thunder and lightning in fact and the southern part will remain and a tornado watch is possible with the warning meeting that a tornado has been indicated and there are strong storms expected with northern areas not expecting any twisting
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has been in orange. we have a tornado warning for another 25 minutes. the worst of the twisting his moving. there is the storm track moving for: 25 finish from 425 -- moving from 4:25. the rest of the area may already be getting rain and there is more with the location
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spinning orange colors and the fancy graphics. this is the velocity and the doppler tells us the wind is going towards and away the radar site. is it becoming? -- is it coming? there is a lot of rain and when we get through, most of the thread is gone
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osceola and this area is north of you in the rural area away and towards the radar. >> we have been looking at a velocity and there is the radar saying to take it for what it is. >> is catching my eyes and i
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conventional colors here and that is when you are going to be alerted to what is going on and what i want to do is that the top is still up and it is not the largest storm you have seen. on the top, is for: 32 and we get over to courtney and that 4:50. this is key and it is definition with wind getting into the
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we have concerns with the rotation signature and it will be on the northern side of this up to the north was the areas that will need to be cautioned. it is star and early and we are talking tornadoes. the closet under the stairwell and, in the event we have a tornado on the ground, it will impact you. this is headed towards courtney and
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red in that area with this being a 4.5 with a funnel cloud or something worse that works out towards the mental -- the area. we are in fairly are all country and when you are talking 70 miles an hour, it is destructive over towards the northern counties and it looks like we are talking about moving in
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it is right on the county line which is what we are talking about. we are not looking at it at all and there are the flashes of lightning . it is time to go and turn the tv set up. and we are getting over to the kennedy space center. if you are working a shift, this
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there is another one south and east that has the attention and it is something we do not see a hook in. that tornado warning is just rainfall with the north and east and along interstate 95 with a good and steady rain. we are seeing this and we have a marker. you see that?
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it is a red flag and there is the high definition television set and we will start to get into these neighborhoods. if you don' t mind, we have the there are communities here just south. these are the communities that will be impacted. officially, there is a tornado we could see this
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is the five to eight interchange. and there is it and there is the safe room and the interior. gather the family and the pets. we are seeing friction at the beach and it provides an added check and further off towards the coastline. >> it is moving off to the north and the east. and
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warning will expire. sometimes, they expire early. not the case today. it is in any twisting motion and what we are looking for is green and red together and some of you may be awoken by the weather radio or the app on your phone. this was overnight and that meant to watch out and you could have tornadoes or storms that intensified. we have another 15
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and you can see that you got the wind going to and from the radar and this is not necessarily down at the surface. the radar is shooting up and it takes a motion sensor and we are getting an update that the warning remains in effect and this was to the north and the west and moving over. it picks up steam a little bit around here is some of where it
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with a tornado warning only in effect until 4:30. and they tornado warning would be extended with a possible rotation and, if there is one, this is where it will be to the north and along the county line. that is where you see the severe wind and we went straight to a tornado warning with the wind not moving straight and actually twisting.
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and he you see the rain here down at the beach and there are storms extending south with heavy rain and a tornado watch is in effect until it :00 this morning and it is something we will monitor and, some of you, if you do not leave for work , you have a little rain and you are done. the wind speed is going to and from the radar and there are 40-50 miles an hour. if you get the wind going one
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talking about doing some damage and we will have to wait and see because it is difficult to see , if there is a funnel cloud. we will go over to eric. by about 4:30, it will be at challenger elementary. >> it looks like this thing is starting to broaden. i was talking a few minutes ago about the book ago and it is not so defined. let'
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you saw the hook and it was gone. as we take a look at velocity, we are seeing the wind getting a little bit higher and we' re looking at 100 miles an hour as it approaches sharks. will it produce a tornado? it is still rotating and a big concern comes down here with some storm tracking. we' re talking about communities around desert sand avenue.
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to show you the tornado index and what we are noticing. it is down and it tells me that it is trying to come down with 80 mile an hour wind. we got it popping right back on because there is so much wind and it is rotating. we are going to stay with you to make sure you are prepared and let' s take a look at arrival times until 5:00
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moving into your neighborhood. and as soon as i say it is starting to broaden, there is another inflow and it goes down. this is enough to grab attention because of the homes damaged or destroyed. it is a dangerous storm and that is in line with timing we are thinking up to the north to the
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this has not been confirmed and, because of that, we do not have it on the ground. there is a lot of wind that we have watched with concern and we will keep a close eye on that. give me a second and this is a look inside the system. we are starting to get different colors and we' re talking about a potential of damaging wind and
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back over, these are things to get away from doors and windows. that is a wind and we' re talking about it getting just north of the port communities and we will continue to monitor this with the velocity bouncing off the radar and showing rotation. would you talk about where did the -- the windshear, it is nothing to shake a head. >> are the like to see the yellow not like to see the yellow on the one map that we have. that indicates the stronger wind.
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58 miles per hour. when you see the yellow, that is when you start to talk about the potential for the storm being on the ground and if there is rotation, a tornado in the area, that is going to be where it is. it is moving northeast at about 30 miles per hour. that is why this new warning has been posted and extended over into northern brevard county. we have the original warning in effect for southern orange. a little bit of brevard county just for another three minutes. this is where the rotation will be moving. another seven or eight minutes.
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shuttle landing, the storm should be there about 10 minutes before 5:00. we are anticipating because this has intensified a little bit, this will hold together as it goes into northern brevard county. there is sharks, cocoa, merritt island, a lot of colors. we like to look inside these storms. instead of seeing the rain, the reds are the heavier rain showers. green are lighter rain showers. we look at this product, the velocity. doppler radar picks up. when you see the greens in the reds, it indicates there is spinning. here are some of the streets showing where this storm is
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if you are in this zone, you need to be inside, away from doors and windows. most of central florida does not have basements. be in a safe place in case there is a tornado. even if there is not a tornado, there is a lot of wind. reports of 40 to 50 mile per hour straight line when. the cell is moving at 30 miles per hour. you will get a 30 mile per hour. very updated storm track now. into sharps by 4:40. cape canaveral at 5:05. our first tornado warning will
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then, we have our second tornado warning. let' s reset the picture here. if you are dressed waking up -- if you are just waking up, good morning. we are here because it is time to talk about the weather and the news. we have a tornado warning in effect. one is about to expire, the second one, for brevard county, in effect until 5:00. we have these strong storms we are telling you about. they will be moving out quickly. radar is picking up on all kinds of rotation in here. that is why these warnings have been issued. a tornado watch has been issued early this morning. let me tell you the whole story of what is going on. a tornado watch in effect for south florida. you may know this because you were awakened by your weather


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